If we think for one second their damage is going to stop here, think again.
Is this negotiation better than nothing? Certainly. But without an assault weapons ban, will it be effective against mass gunmen's weapon of choice?
If the republican party and others still loyal to the cult of “ the former guy” aren’t stopped soon—legislatively, legally, non-violently—the next coup…
This is more than just a matter of republicans surrendering to the almighty gun lobby. It’s a sign the anti-government nihilism upon which the…
While more economically developed countries like those in Europe and the United States have to merely contend with uncomfortable food prices, poorer…
Other countries have mentally ill people, but not the United States' rate of mass shootings. Like with everything else, guns=money.
The notion that anything associated with government is inherently corrupt and worthy of our contempt is the nihilism upon which authoritarians thrive.
While the tide is turning on climate change legislation, the clock is ticking.
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